Dennis’ passion is not his own – Dennis has The Passion Of Jesus Christ in sharing The Love Of God As Gloriously Displayed In The Gospel Of Jesus Christ And Discipling effective leaders who build organizations that have a lasting, multi generational positive impact on society. You won’t be around him long until you catch his belief that business is the best platform to build a better world and family is the best pathway to build fulfilling legacy with Spiritual Life being always in the forefront. Dennis is committed to ministering to the whole person: Spirit, Soul, & Body for success in all ways. Dennis has been a Christian Minister for over 41 years and since 2002, he has been the co-founder/president of Great Commission Coalition, a worldwide Evangelism And Discipleship Ministry including HOPE Seminary with Branch Seminaries around the world that provide leadership development and has provided individualized coaching and training to thousands of executives around the world. And for the last several decades Dennis has been intentionally learning to lead his family as strategically as he leads businesses. He now coaches families and family offices around the world on processes to build high impact businesses and pathways to create multigenerational family legacy.

Dennis has been married for almost 50 years to his childhood sweetheart and best friend, Janet. Their eight adult children and their spouses all are bringing positive value to society. As a family, they enjoy hiking, gardening, loving on the yard full of grandchildren, plus creating and performing music.

They reside at their family home in a suburb of Nashville Tennessee not too far from their childhood home in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee where they enjoy hosting retreats and coaching others on leadership, health, entrepreneurship, transformational commerce, and family legacy.

Why do some businesses and families create wealth but little harmony and a world-changing impact? Why is it that the next generation may inherit the wealth but not the harmony, principles, or vision? What if you had a process that would help you build a legacy that extended beyond business to create positive impact in the world for many generations?